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M.E.T.A is a high-energetic life-affirming tale of the universe's many puzzles and mysteries. The group’s expression will remind you of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales but with a modern twist, and their magnificent performance will intoxicate anyone with a weakness for war, love and drama.



M.E.T.A is dramatic, electronic pop music, defined by a wish to bring elements from the entire world’s many cultures, into the Scandinavian melancholy and vibe. Maria and Andreas celebrates differences by mixing tons of exotic instruments from around the world, with a superb and versatile vocal performance.

Its trip hop, its soul, its rock, its punk - and everything in between.


In short, M.E.T.A’s sound is a perfect example of what can happen when you mix a little bit of everything, boil it down, and let it express itself.



The duo is renowned for their intoxicating live performances. The key aspects of which are Marias barefooted, crazy and rousing moves, combined with Andreas hardhitting and hardpumping act. The contrast between the two serves as a capacitor for a powerful and extremely energetic performance, that is as life affirming as it is heavy. The duo’s insistence of playing everything live, adds to the excitement, as even the most diehard fan can never tell what is going to happen.


M.E.T.A has performed all over the world. Latest in China, where they rocked a 3000-people audience at the Main Stage of Suzhou MIDI Festival. Earlier gigs include three shows in downtown New York, a ton of high-profile shows all over Denmark, and a few shows in Europe.